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Welcome to Carnival of the Capitalists for January 9, 2006. We’re glad you’re here!

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Next week, CotC will be hosted by our new friends over at Wordlab who are setting up a special page where they will be presenting Carnival of the Capitalists.

SO…let’s get on with it!

In reading through this week’s submissions, Greg Manter’s post “Customer Service: Dell, Yahoo, Flames, and Blogs” lept out and exemplified a number of issues that continue to plague business. Of course, Dell has had their share of problems over the past twelve months, and Greg points to a post from Jeremy Zawodny that was also being followed here. The story gets interesting, however, as you read through the comments on Zawodny’s blog, where Greg himself jumps into the fray…not because of his issues with Dell, but because of issues with Zawodny’s employer, Yahoo. Evidently, Greg has been having a Dell-esque experience with the big Y!, in particular with their hosting services. After ten days of frustration, and even after calling in air support from the aforementioned Mr. Zawody, Manter finds out the root cause of his issue:

“Now, after 10 days, I knew why I couldn’t upgrade my Yahoo web-hosting service. Was I happy? Not exactly.

The knowledgeable customer service rep told me that I’d reached the maximum number of websites that I was allowed to host at Yahoo. (!?!) That’s right — I was too good a customer. She told me I’d have to find another host for the new site.”

Yes, that’s right. He was doing too much business with Yahoo, and was going to force them to color outside the lines. The lesson? Make sure your organization can take care of your customers when they are successful. And make sure that the capabilities and processes are in place to allow the people within the organization who are supporting customers to make decisions at the point-of-contact with the customer to do things in their interest — especially when they want to do more business with you!

Here’s the rest of the roundup…a lot of great submissions this week.

Blog Post Type Summary
Multiple Mentality They’ll Legislate Anything Law and Regulation Now that the space tourism business is becoming less of a pipe dream and more of a reality, the US government has decided to step in and legislate it.
Let’s Get Something Straight Between Us! THE BLUES BROTHERS IN WASHINGTON (Bush and Cheney Blues) Law and Regulation How the current administration got the band back together…
Different River The World’s Happiest, Least Appreciated Anniversary General Business This past December 31 was the 14th anniversary of the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
Kicking Over My Traces Photographer’s Action Plan for 2006 Technology Photographers of all stripes feel put upon by digital technology. One photographer explains how to embrace the new technology and use it, instead of resisting and losing. Do his ideas have application beyond photography?
Financial Reference Irked Economics Reasons why hedging your bets may not pay off in the long run. Insider Trading Exam Question Law and Regulation A stockbroker’s live-in girl friend in an attorney at a big Wall Street law firm. In casual conversation, she tells him about a merger she’s working on. He buys stock in the target and later sells at a profit. Did the attorney/girlfriend commit insider trading? Did the stockbroker/boyfriend? At what point does pillowtalk become illegal insider information?
InsureBlog Buy and Sell, Part 2 Economics Conclusion to series on buy-sell agreements. This part explains the mechanics of such arrangements.
Marketplace Monitor GM’s Position in the Dow General Business The market value of GM is currently $10.5 billion. Google’s market value is $122 billion. What’s wrong here?
Blueprint for Financial Prosperity Buying A Car On Ebay Series General Business Jim has purchased two cars off Ebay and comments on the process.
The Consumer Electronics Stock Blog Palm Treo 700w Launches: Sell-side and Reviewer Responses Technology One of the capitalists’ favorite toys just got an upgrade… but it’s not looking so hot for consumers or the company, Palm.
Seeking Alpha Can Sex Sell Online Financial Content? Technology Playboy Playmates pick stocks, and you can view their portfolios. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.
The Entrepreneurial Mind The Time is Now for New Thinking on Our Economy Entrepreneurship There is new evidence that we are stifling the entrepreneurial economic expansion with old thinking and out-dated policies.
Eidelblog As union leaders bash Wal-Mart, many union workers shop there General Business Over 138 million Americans shop at Wal-Mart each week — including union workers. While union bosses attack Wal-Mart using union money, quite a few union workers don’t seem to mind benefiting from “everyday low prices,” courtesy of an efficient business model.
Business & Technology Reinvention Benchmark Your Parking Lot Entrepreneurship Use your company parking lot to rate your company’s personality. Are Managers Sociopaths? Marketing and Sales Two decades ago, I was part of a 45 member sales team. Whenever there was excess budget, we sales guys, staff and management (also known as “overhead”) were evaluated by outside consultants. We all got the same tests. We were grouped by results. All the cool kids, the normal employees, sat in the front. 57 of them. Laughing and joking and backslapping and happy. In the back of the room were grouped — three quiet odd-balls: a product manager, the CEO and Your Business Blogger. At first I was pleased to have been grouped with the CEO. But… Evaluating Iowa’s Candidates for Governor in 2006 Law and Regulation A chart depicting the various candidates for Governor in Iowa, illustrating where the various candidates stand on economic and business issues. The temperament of the governor elected in 2006 will influence how Iowa votes in the 2008 Presidential caucuses, so this election has national effects.
Fire Someone Today Everybody hates a winner General Business Jack Welch famously said that you should be number one or number two in a category or get out. There is a lot to be said for being number two.
Searchlight Crusade Housing Bubble – News from the Front General Business Toil and trouble…
Personal Finance Advice $1 Million In 6 Months Technology The owner of million dollar homepage takes is idea a step further by auctioning off the last 10 spots for his site and earning an extra $150k+
Blog Business World Setbacks: Learn from The RMS Titanic General Business The luxury ocean liner Titanic was thought to be unsinkable. In a time of hubris, where the belief that nature could be conquered and anything was possible, the Titanic went to the bottom of the North Atlantic ocean on her fabled maiden voyage. When a business experiences success in the marketplace, often that same sense of invincibility sets into the thinking of management. 2006 Guide to the Internet Technology A guide to the Web 2.0 bubble-in-the-making.
Early Riser ER Book Review: Heaven on Earth General Business Early Riser reviews one of the best books documenting the rise and dramatic fall of Socialism.
Retail Store Blog Customer Service, Dell, Yahoo, Flames and Blogs Marketing and Sales Lessons from the real-world of customer service nightmares and the flames they cause on blogs. Editor's Choice
Sophistpundit A Pragmatic Theory of Blogging Marketing and Sales Thoughts on business blogging.
Political Calculations Political Calculations: Automatically Indexing the U.S. Debt Ceiling Law and Regulation Ironman at Political Calculations adds a twist to the Skeptical Optimist’s proposal to index the U.S.’ National Debt Ceiling by factoring in population growth as well as economic growth.
Capital Chronicle The Man who put ‘mental’ into ‘fundamental’ and other 2006 Investment Tales General Business A few of the subplots to bear in mind when considering the consensus that 2006 will be another uplifting chapter of the global growth story.
Worker Bees Blog Seth Godin’s question-Where’s the “None of the Above” option? Marketing and Sales On the definition of marketing, according to Elisa.
The Liberal Wrong Wing Free Trading Law and Regulation A look into the importance of globalization and free trade in the American economy.
The Big Picture What happens when bloggers get it wrong, but the MSM gets it right? General Business Man bites dog!
Chocolate and Gold Coins Why Are They Doing It That Way: The Answer General Business This post looks at how Indians approach a simple task – removing sod from a lawn – and why they do it differently than Americans.
Financial Methods How Index Investing Harms Your Portfolio Economics Index investors that invest in capitalization-based indexes (like the S&P 500 index, among others) suffer an unavoidable deterioration in performance.
Daily Dose of Opimism Google (& Microsoft), Thy Enemy is Within Technology With one great near-monopoly that butters most of its bread, a bunch of lesser, derivative ideas funded by it’s core business, and a big balance sheet, Google, the company most-hyped to become the Microsoft of the future, already sounds a lot like Microsoft right now, only Google’s monopoly is less defensible, and is not being guarded.
The Common Room From Bleeding Heart to Capitalist Pig Babysitter General Business How babysitting taught me some business lessons. The IRS is now 0-10 on the telephone tax — and people are starting to not pay it. Law and Regulation Ten federal courts have now ruled that the federal tax on long-distance telephone service is illegal, bringing $9 billion of tax refunds into sight of taxpayers. The IRS has won zero cases, but is still collecting the tax.
Crossroads Dispatches Thaikea: From Leftover Coffins To DIY Furniture Making General Business Making lemonade from lemons is the essence of the resilient entrepreneurial spirit.
Soccer Dad I heard the news today, oh boy General Business The radio market in the Balto Wash area is changing. I don’t like it much
Retire at 30 Donations vs. Advertising – Is clicking in our own self interest Technology Many savy web users pride themselves on the ability to parse out ads while using the net. I argue that this is not in their self interest.
Small Business Trends Business Trends in Asia Pacific for 2006 General Business In this guest post, Wilson Ng gives his forecast of the top ten business trends in the Asia Pacific region for 2006.
EGO Gold and Electronic Payments Technology When will micropayments be a common way of doing financial transactions? Comments on the use of digital currencies like E-gold.
The Skeptical Optimist Let’s end the dangerous “Debt Ceiling” rhetoric Economics Here’s a brand new proposal for locking down the USA’s “debt ceiling” — and for ending most of the political grandstanding around that issue.
Wordlab Duomilia Sex General Business VIIV is not a product, but a lineup of products. Looks like it’s going to be another good year for names built upon Latin roots, particularly if you’re looking to tap into that lucrative XVIII to XXXV market.
Roth & Company Tax Update IRS ADDS ‘AMT ASSISTANT’ TO THEIR WEB SITE Law and Regulation The IRS has added a web feature to help you determine if you will owe 2005 alternative minimum tax, but you have to have your regular tax numbers to use it. This post will give you a good idea weather you face AMT by asking you a few simple questions.
Interested-Participant Bank Offers Sharia Compliant Services General Business Since Sharia Law prohibits paying or receiving interest, the Ann Arbor-based University Bank has formed a subsidiary which allows Muslims to open accounts where any profits are shared rather than paid as interest.
Free Money Finance Getting Rich is Simpler than You Think General Business Wealth is simply a matter if investing a small amount over a long period of time.


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Explosive Growth

Was on a call regarding the upcoming AMA Hot Topic session in Chicago (gratuitous plug: you can still register here), and a startling point was made (paraphrased).

“The number of new bloggers is growing so rapidly that we’re seeing a net decrease in the typical individual’s understanding of blogging, since the number of newcomers is expanding so wildly.”

(I think it might have been Stowe who said this, but there were a bunch of folks on the call.)

Two questions:

  • Are other folks seeing this as well?
  • If this is correct, the implications are tectonic…we need tools, education, and support that are an order-of-magnitude better and EASIER than the ones we have now if the trend is to continue.

What’s everyone else seeing?