You’re doing awesome

Just saw a great lightning talk from Mickey Kay at WordCamp SF 2014. It was only about five minutes long, and was a great reminder of the fact that we are all newbies. Even if you’re an “expert” in a field, there’s always more to learn. More importantly, if you are truly a n00b, there is one thing to remember, first and foremost. That thing is: You’re doing awesome.

Mickey Kay

You’re trying. You’re doing. You’re actually moving forward, even if it doesn’t feel like it at times.

Mickey then shared his three rules for keeping the forward momentum going.

Make as much as possible.

Make as much as possible. Be a creator. You power through the newbieness by getting your hands dirty.

Share your problems.

Share your problems. As much as you like to think it, you’re not a unique snowflake. Someone else has had this problem before. Maybe they can help you. Or, if someone else is also having the problem now, maybe you can work on solving it together.

It’s okay to not know.

It’s okay to not know. You don’t know everything. Neither does anyone else. In Mickey’s anecdotal survey of a number of “experts” in the WordPress field, he said that over 40% stated that they are often exploring new ground when they’re trying to solve a problem. There are no rote answers. It’s okay to be discovering as you go along.

Good reminders for all of us.