Online Content and Real

Jeff Jarvis is not shy in sharing his thoughts on Real and the issues he ran into in using RealPlayer to access online news content from ABC News.

I had to walk through glass to watch two minutes [of video using Real]. And then when I tried
to cancel it all, I had to stay on hold on not one but two calls to
Real for 40 friggin’ minutes. Real sucks. Real Audio sucks. Real Video

So Jeff…get off the fence.  How do you really feel about it?

In a related post, he does pose some very sage suggestions on how broadcast news can better manage their content and give viewers what they want, where and when they want it.

One Reply to “Online Content and Real”

  1. I’m surprised. Real is the in many ways the worst company on the Internet, and the worst for the Internet; they brutalize customers, ruin desktops, force the action, and bombard you with “phony” updates nonstop. And here you’re blogger for the social customer perspective and all you have is some lame, cliched line when Jarvis rips them: “tell us how you really feel?”

    I’m surprised you don’t have something worthwhile to say. This is your beat!

    Isn’t Real the opposite of everything you stand for? I depend on a blogger like you to get to the bottom of Real Networks and the origins of their “abuse the customer” philosophy. Or do I have you and your mission wrong?

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