Thank You, SearchCRM Readers!

Wow. Just got the following email from Mia Shopis, Associate Editor,

Dear Christopher,

Congratulations! We’ve tallied the votes and we are pleased to announce that you have won’s Best CRM Blog Award. Our readers have chosen The Social Customer Manifesto based on four important criteria: Personality, usefulness, content and likelihood to encourage return visits. Not only does your personality shine through in each of your regular entries, but readers also find your commentary both useful and relevant to the demands and trends of CRM. In short, our readers rely on your blog for the latest in CRM.

I’ve attached a winner’s logo to display on your site. Let me again extend our congratulations to you.

Keep on bloggin’,
Mia Shopis
Associate Editor

A huge(!) thank you to the SearchCRM readers who voted, and congrats to co-winners Paul Greenberg and Mark Rittman.

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