24 Replies to “Quiz: Web 2.0 Company Name, Or Star Wars Character?”

  1. Web 2.0 / Star Wars quiz was fun, would be even better with answers or explanations after you received your score. Without the answers it’s a little like having to suddenly live with lowered expectations.

  2. Sorry to break the fun but there you will have the right answer a copy and paste in your address bar of the line below and hit Enter and all the correct answer are selected.

    javascript:var allRadio = document.getElementsByTagName(‘INPUT’);for(var i=0;i

  3. Oh, scratch that last comment. Clicking it changes the answers! THat’s not very Web 2.0-like. You have to make the answers fade in somehow, and highlight them with pretty colors. My eye didn’t notice your JS trickery.

  4. ummm if there are 43 yes/no answers then a random clicker would get on average a score of 21: too .. much .. kool-aid.. ?!?!?
    i got a 35 btw.. but i only knew ~15-20 of them .. the rest i guessed…

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