Writing Well Is The Best Revenge

From the “people I don’t link to nearly often enough” file…go read Eden Kennedy. Example:

Mcd_tree_pose“So, McDonalds! What’s up with this?

This bag contained a somewhat bland sandwich consisting primarily of ground-up cow.

You offer the cow flesh sandwich in a bag that has the image of a pretty American woman demonstrating yoga.

You believe that yoga is a healthy practice, and so you like to associate health with your cow flesh sandwiches.

Yoga is a practice that was developed in a country wherein cows are traditionally allowed to roam the streets and live their happy cow lives through to their natural ends, and not have their flesh end up between two bleached-flour buns and accompanied by fries and a Coke.

Also, the pretty American woman doing vrksasana, the tree pose? On a paper bag made of? Trees!


Bonus link: Yoga, as done by plastic action figures (n.b. the surgeon general advises that you finish consuming whatever beverage you have in front of you before clicking that link, lest you spew said beverage out your nose via spasmodic, very un-yogalike laughter)

Bonus link #2: Ooops, I wrong wrong. Apparently laughing yoga is ok.