What is bitcoin? And why should I care?


Have you been hearing a lot about Bitcoin, but still not entirely sure what it is? It might be time to learn more. After all, the new cryptocurrency on the block has left a lot of people very confused, and some lucky people a lot richer than they were before. It is essentially a new, digital currency that people can choose to “mine” via their computers, or to buy into. This is, however, a hyper simplification of what occurs on sites like Zipmex’s exchange, where people can buy and sell not only Bitcoin, but other forms of cryptocurrency (like Etherium and Litecoin, to name but two examples). Not only that, but these three are not the only cryptocurrency out there. Technically, there is a countless number of potential options that can be mined and created, bought and sold.

All of this can leave the less tech-savvy of us out there confused and lost. Even purchasing bitcoin can be a confusing first hurdle for many looking to get involved, although you can find out more on that when you visit xCoins. Thankfully, there are resources that break things back down to the simple bullet points. This makes these resources a great tool for those trying to break into these markets, for those looking to make a new investment, or for those who are simply curious and want to learn about it. As one example, this easy-to-read ebook answers the following questions:

  • What is Bitcoin?
  • Why should I care about Bitcoin?
  • How do bitcoins get exchanged?
  • Are bitcoins money?
  • Why should a business accept bitcoin?
  • Why should I personally use bitcoins?
  • What are the risks?

You can download the ebook at http://coindale.com/bitcoinbook.