”They’re Like Locusts!!!”

Call me crazy, but when a customer describes your sales staff in terms of a Biblical plague, it’s pretty safe to say something is amiss.

The back story…I was speaking with a colleague this evening. This colleague, a medical doctor, is a partner at a successful practice with a staff of about thirty physicians and support staff. We were getting caught up after not being in contact for a while, and the topics covered the standard range of fare from family to children to vacations. Then I made the fatal mistake of asking “how’s work?”

Then came the rant from which the title quote was pulled.

Apparently one of the drug companies that commonly sends drug reps to their location to deliver samples and talk up their wares now has not one, not two, but EIGHT reps covering their office. One rep for each of the eight drugs that they sell into this market.

You think this is an industry that’s in need of some improvements in how their sales teams go to market?