How To Export And Back Up Your TypePad Blog

Like thousands of other TypePad customers, The Social Customer Manifesto was affected by today’s uber-outage.

WILT*: How to back up a TypePad blog

1) Go to the “Weblogs” tab within TypePad

2) Select the “List Posts” option on the blog you want to back up

3) Click on “Import/Export” in the menu bar

4) Scroll to the bottom of the page, and right-click to save on the link shown


* – What I Learned Today

7 Replies to “How To Export And Back Up Your TypePad Blog”

  1. Heh. That was, in fact, the very first thing I did when I saw service had returned today. Fortunately, nothing got actually lost during the downtime.

    That said, exporting posts is really only a backup when you remember to do it… if I were in the habit of doing it every time I posted, then I’d be reasonably safe. But will I follow through on that? Probably not.

    I think what I’m going to start looking for is a desktop blogging solution that keeps archives on my drive, and saves my posts before I post them. I’ve lost more than a few nicely written things by clicking the publish button while service was down (ie: it was up when I opened the compose window, went down while I was writing, and lost all my text when it tried to post and failed).

    But definitely, I agree, saving an archive via export is a good thing to do at least every week.

  2. How To Export And Back Up Your TypePad Blog

    Christopher Carfi beschreibt auf Social Customer Manifesto eine Möglichkeit, ein Typepad-Blog zu exportieren und zu sichern. Gewiss für viele Nutzer von Typepad-Weblog eine willkommene Hilfe.

  3. Unfortunately, exporting your blog from typepad is only half of the work. The file contains text only. You’ll have to find another way to back up images. Personally, I have a “staging” folder on my machine that contains all of the images uploaded to my site.

    It saved my butt on Friday, when some images on my site were showing an enormous “image will be restored this weekend” instead of what they should. I was able to slightly re-name the pix and re-upload them to make sure that visitors weren’t forced to view a page full of blank photos before TypePad got their collective act together.

  4. Thanks for the tip. Can you import that text file (if the whole blog ever got wiped out)? Or would you have to go through and copy and paste all 200 (or however many you have) posts?

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