How To Use The New Google Music Search

As widely reported this morning, Google has released a number of new features that enables them to act as the gateway to a great number of music-related resources. Here’s how it seems to work:

1) There are a handful of artists that trigger the music-related functions straight from the Google search bar.

For example, Dave’s faves the Beatles show up with their own section if you do a standard search for “The Beatles” from the Google search box:


Notice the special area up top above the search results with the picture, etc. This way of entering the Google music area only works for a handful of artists, currently.

(The results seem to be somewhat random; Queen currently returns the “normal” search results, while less-well-known acts like Death Cab For Cutie get the full treatment.)

2) A little bit of digging actually finds the dedicated the Google Music Search page.

This seems to work for a much larger number of artists.


3) From the music search results page, one can click through to a number of additional resources.

4) You can buy from online sellers who stock the item

From the listing purchase page, you can see which online sellers have the item (the Google “musiclp” page)


There appear to be a few other functions as well (e.g. “show all tracks“, the Google “musicad” page). Enjoy!


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