We’re Not Worthy!

Pete Townshend’s profile on Blogger is most excellent. His blog (which is a serialized novella) is pretty sweet, too. Far from the distanced, affected rock star, he’s right in there connecting with folks in the comments, responding, and having a conversation. Brilliant.

The community around this novella is phenomenal as well. Most chapters seem to have 150+ comments, a virtual book club.

Thought for the day: if Pete frickin’ Townshend can do this, and connect with the thousands (tens of thousands? more?) folks who are reading his blog, doesn’t it seem to be a pretty lame excuse when business execs say they don’t have time to connect with folks outside their organizations via blogs?

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2 Replies to “We’re Not Worthy!”

  1. 1) He has something to say.
    2) He feels compelled to share it with the world.
    3) He can actually write.

    Most successful bloggers share these three traits. My guess would be that the business execs who shy away from the medium are lacking at least two. (Scary.)

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