TypePad Hacks

John T. Unger gets a snowball rolling here. He’s started a website, “TypePad Hacks,” that is dedicated to user advocacy for folks using the TypePad platform. John says:

“I want to start with advocacy because I think it’s the most important part of what I hope to accomplish here. At least, it’s the one that means the most to me. Here’s the scoop: I freakin’ love TypePad. But I also get deeply frustrated when I run up against limitations to the service, or flaws, or bugs that make it hard to accomplish what I want to as a blogger.”

So, he went and did it. He launched the site 28 hours ago. Check out the response.

  • there’ve been 1200+ pageviews
  • 56 people have subscribed to the feed
  • lots of people bookmarked it at del.icio.us
  • Several people wrote to offer help writing and testing Hacks for the blog.
  • One person wrote to offer work designing blogs.
  • Two people have said they are willing to participate in the fundraising effort

I love this whole collaborative, customer-driven thing. When it works, it utterly rocks.

[Update: Hugh and Neville weigh in as well.]

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