Hot Dish

JM over at Good Morning Silicon Valley
tells us:

Danelle Azola described the exchange [with Dish Network] in a TV interview:
“I called there to let them know that our house was destroyed, to
cancel all the stuff, and the first thing they asked me was if I had a
chance to grab their receiver for the satellite dish. And I told them
no, that was the last thing that was on my mind. So then they told me I
would have to pay the $300 for the receiver. … I asked to have the bill
postponed until we got reimbursed from our insurance and she said
sorry, you have to pay it as soon as you get your bill in the mail like
any other normal bill.”

It appears there are endemic issues for the industry, though.  Cite:  Paul Greenberg’s DirecTV (er, "DreckTV") saga

Update:  AT&T/Dish Network have reversed their position.  Karl at Broadband Reports tells us "We spoke to AT&T spokesman Brad Mays, who investigated the
incident. Mays says that after the couple called AT&T, they were
transferred to Dish Network, and a Dish Network representative did not
follow the disaster policy Dish has in place. Mays ensures us that
they’ve contacted the couple, and they will not be charged for service
cancellation or equipment fees."