Business Social Networking Key for CRM in 2008

Social networking is moving beyond its consumer roots and into business,

according to CRM Magazine
.  Mark Angel, the senior vice president of corporate development and strategy for Kana Software states

"About three years ago, we started seeing high-tech customers with
complex products talk about richer collaboration.  Now we’re starting
to realize the effects.  A lot [of Kana customers] are beginning
to experiment, trying to roll out blog and wiki initiatives, figuring
out how to use reputation, how to change the knowledge-creation
process.  Customers are asking, ‘How can I use this wiki
stuff? How can social networking be useful to drive loyalty? What does
a collaborative Web site look like?’ "

Angel and others such as Brent Leary and Paul Greenberg
agree.  Leary sums it up best, saying "Social networking will continue to be big. It is absolutely critical
for CRM vendors to reach out and roll their own social network and
trackbacks, or to work with Facebook, LinkedIn, and the rest."

3 Replies to “Business Social Networking Key for CRM in 2008”

  1. A matter of fact to accept & its true that “Social networking” is now an open platform & can be relevantly called as “business social networking”. Also to agree with what Leary has to say “Social networking will continue to be big” because we get to see that social networking has diverted to a new path “Mobile Social Networking” & for sure that this is proving out to be as a key for CRM in 2008.
    Probably this is one path for mobile networking without internet,GPRS or EDGE.

  2. I would be curious to know your thoughts on how best to integrate the features of social networking sites into a CRM. What functionality would you want as a sales rep? Manager? At PipelineDeals, we take customer feedback very seriously. Please feel free to reach out to us and let us know what you think. I’ve added a link to our user forums below.

  3. nick, i’d want to take the conversation a step further…what does the CUSTOMER get out of it? yes, the sales rep and manager are important, but isn’t the right question how do things help the end customer?

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