Expectant Virgin

When a vendor says that they provide "amazing customer service," what do you, as a customer, expect from them?  Neville Hobson writes:

"[I am] wondering what Virgin Media’s goals are in terms of customer service.

David may or may not be a typical Virgin Media tech support
supervisor. His approach and manner were disarmingly positive and
helpful. In fact, my experiences so far with his company’s phone
support indicate he’s definitely not typical.

And the engineer (whose name I didn’t get). A pleasant and
knowledgeable guy and the second Virgin Media engineer I’ve met. Both
professional and knowledgeable and able to sort out problems.

But how does Virgin Media really want to engage with their
customers? Do they even want to do that? Is insisting on speaking to a
supervisor all the time the only way you can get satisfaction?

According to their website, when you become a Virgin Media customer, this is what happens:

[…] we promise you’ll be getting the best technology, great value and amazing customer service.

I have no disagreement with the first two, but "amazing customer
service"? Definitely not if you ever have to phone Virgin Media tech
support at 25p per minute."

So, two questions to you, readers.

1)  When a vendor promises "amazing customer service," what is your expectation?
2)  How do you communicate those expectations to vendors today?