Conversations Abounding

All sorts of good things going on this week.  Here we go!

1) The "networks don’t have people…people have networks" concept floated here has become a full-fledged snowball.

  • Ross Mayfield – "Here’s some related Soylent Green."
  • Demian Entrekin – "Individuals create value for organizations through the impact of their Project Network, not through their position in the organization chart."
  • David Wallace – "It’s about the people, people."
  • David Cushman – "When you aggregate personal data in profiles (eg facebook) you risk imposing structural limitations on the conversation and on the way groups form. This leads to severe restrictions on value and growth creation in your network."
  • Marshall Lager – "It’s why Facebook (for example) has been having trouble – it takes ownership of pieces of you."

2) A point of caution on the "social media divide" from Francine Hardaway (with more here) – "Fellow geeks, we live in a dream world — a world of Twitter – Twhirl – Friendfeed – AlertThingy – Seesmic. And if you think most people reading this can identify any of those things, think again. Moreover, if you think there’s a chance of any of those crossing the real chasm in the next ten years, think again."

3) A pragmatic step toward mobile networking for the iPhone

One Reply to “Conversations Abounding”

  1. Fellow Pioneers: So how do we bridge the gap between the “geeks” and everyone else? I think one of the distinctions we might examine is the gap between SHARING and DOING.

    On, we SHARE our ideas, our pictures, our videos, our underwear.

    On, we DO things: we support customers, we manage client engagements, we approve contracts, we run projects.

    I see these things starting to converge and that will create part of the next chapter of myWebWorld. In fact, it’s already happening. We are starting to SHARE what we DO.

    Will that bring MyUncleEarnie to MyWebWorld? Probably not. But it will bring MyNephewNate.

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