Contact Lost

Deborah Micek (@CoachDeb) writes:

"I’ve realized it’s more upsetting 2 lose contacts than lose $ money.
Felt disconnected this week 1st losing all contacts on iphone + Twitter"


Do you agree?  Why or why not?

3 Replies to “Contact Lost”

  1. I fully agree. Losing a friend is irreplacable, money not so much.

    However, it is a little worrying if you can’t stay in contact with the people on your Twitter through other means. If not, this is, if twitter is your only means through which you can communicate..were they really that close anyway?

  2. I agree with Richard. (Full disclosure: I’m in my 50’s so maybe I don’t get it) Rather than focus on amassing numerous friends and followers on various social media, consider deepening the relationships you have with a very small number of people through a variety of means, including (gasp)hand-written notes, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings. There’s an old saying about the River Platte: “A mile wide and an inch deep.” Perhaps it’s better to be like the Mississippi River, 300 feet deep as it rolls through New Orleans.

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