Facebook Connect vs. Google Friend Connect, Redux

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the critical battle going on between various providers of online identity, the most notable being Facebook, Google and OpenID.  I asked the question:

"If you could use one login for all websites, which would you use?"

Although not statistically significant by any stretch of the imagination, the poll showed some interesting results.  Here they are:

The things that raised my eyebrows:

  • 28.8% – nearly a third of the respondents! – really, really liked having different credentials for every website
  • 30.8% said "OpenID" – although I have no way to back this up, I was stunned by how high this number was, as my gut is that OpenID is still much more of a techy thing than a general-populace thing
  • Facebook was about 11%, and Google almost twice that at about 19%, but both were still substantially below the "keep them all different" and OpenID responses
  • Once you get out of California, Facebook drops REALLY low (see the map above)

Again, more "anecdote" than "data," but interesting nonetheless.  Your take on the results?

6 Replies to “Facebook Connect vs. Google Friend Connect, Redux”

  1. Christopher,

    I was actually pondering about which one should I use in my blog. The numbers you posted made even more undecided, but I appreciate having more information 😉

    Thank you.

  2. I like the fact that you offer the option to put in ID or name-email-url. I can never be bothered with ID. But if going to be bothered would choose Google ID (London, UK).

  3. Good stuff and the results are surprising. I would think most people would want main ID to make life easy. I wonder if it’s a perceived security thing. I did set up Open ID, so I have one. Had to agree with you that it’s more the techies. A couple of times I was momentarily stumped with having the remember my 3 “hints” so I could log in:)

    I see you’ll be speaking at SoCon in Atlanta Feb 6 & 7. I will look forward to meeting you and listening to your presentation.

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