Customers Take Back The Beep

Picture 8 A good case study in how a customer can start a snowball rolling that effects vendor change.  Back in August, David Pogue of the NYT went on a tear to get the major telecom providers to eliminate (or at least give customers a way around) the voicemail instructions that are given every time an individual calls her own, or someone else's, voicemail.  It doesn't sound like a big thing, but at 15 seconds per, times millions of calls, it adds up to a whole lot of wasted customer time and money (in the form of minutes) in a hurry.

Here's the story.

2 Replies to “Customers Take Back The Beep”

  1. Pretty awesome what social media can do to get companies to listen up which, in the end, is all about making things better for customers.
    Wanted to share this – free webacast about overlapping topic to this one on Nov 11 – Brent Leary is talking about social CRM for free over a live webcast – you can register here (it took me less than a minute)
    After its over, attendees are to receive his ebook about his presentation.

  2. I was just reading about similar things on PGreenblog. Do you have any more information about Brent Leary’s Sage summit talk for free? I regsitered at – – and think everyone should register. It is free and Brent is well respected on this topic.
    We’ve been doing some social media over our way and things are beginning to bear fruit. Just from organic conversatiosn with clients we’re learning tons more just by opening up conversations outsdie the boardroom.

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