Heading out to the USS Abraham Lincoln

“This e-mail/letter confirms your participation for the Distinguished
Visitor embark aboard USS Lincoln, from Sunday, April 25 to Monday, April


Whoa.  It’s happening.

Back in January, I was invited to to go on an embark aboard the USS
, on a trip similar
to this one taken by Guy Kawasaki and others
.  (Thank you, again, USNavy for the invitation,
and Andy Sernovitz for
facilitating.)  However, the storms hammering the West Coast changed the
plans, and that embark was canceled.

The trip is now back on, and a number of bloggers and other social media/community types are gearing up.  Our class consists of:

 Kevin Thornton (Walmart)

 Mark Yolton (SAP)

Screen shot 2010-04-23 at 4.45.59 PM Rob DeRobertis (Analog)

 Phil Nieman (Gaspedal)

  Scott Gulbransen (Intuit)

 Jake McKee (Ant’s Eye View)

  Len Devanna (EMC)

 Amanda Congdon (Sometimes Daily)

 Robert Coombs (CALCASA)

 Will Mayall (AllTop)

  Christopher Carfi (Cerado)

Am I stoked?  Yes.

A little intimidated?  Definitely.  (The thought of going 0-120mph in two seconds on the catapult launch on the deck on Monday has me both thrilled and adrenaline-addled at the same time.)

More soon.  Packing and rest tonight.  Tomorrow afternoon to San Diego.  Then out to the ship on Sunday and back on Monday.

Thanks again to Andy Sernovitz, Guy Kawasaki, and Dennis Hall for paving the way on this embark, and most significantly thanks to the US Navy for making it possible.

Here we go…

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