The Big List of Social Business Presentations from the Social Media Executive Summit

Last week, I participated in the outstanding Social Business Executive Summit.  In case you weren't able to attend in real-time, here are links to every slide and presentation from the three-day event.  Social media FTW!

Session 1: May 25, 8-9 a.m. PDT [slides]

The CEO's Challenge: Creating and Leading a Profitable
Social Business Strategy

The world has changed. Are you ready to deal with the Social Customer?
Our opening speakers will share insights and real-world examples to
inspire you to lead you organization to success!

John Todor, The Whetstone Edge

Social Strategies for Adapting to the New Normal

, Social Media Academy

Executing a Social Business Strategy

Christopher Carfi, Cerado

Trends to Watch in Mobile and Social Business

Session 2: May 25, 10-11 a.m. PDT
— Sponsored by Marketo

Transforming Marketing to Listen, Influence and Drive
Sales-Ready Leads

In case you were wondering, the days of 'spray and pray' marketing are
over. Learn how social marketing can help you engage, build your brand
and yes, still generate valuable leads for the sales force.


Understanding Stakeholder Brand Perceptions

, Marketo

Marketing Optimizations to Create More Sales-Ready Leads and Drive

Mitch Lieberman, Comity Technology Advisors

Building Trust to Engage B2B Prospects Online

Session 3: May 26, 8-9 a.m. PDT
— Sponsored by RightNow


Best Practices to Create Online Communities to Engage
Customers and Increase Loyalty

Creating successful online communities requires a whole lot more than
just a web site. Learn the different options and how to bring your
community come to life to create business value.

, Leader Networks

A Strategic Framework for Success

Tatyana Kanzaveli, Social CRM World

Types of Communities in the Digital Ecosystem

Jason Mittelstaedt, RightNow Technologies

RightNow and the Social Customer Experience

Session 4: May 26, 10-11 a.m. PDT
— Sponsored by InsideView

Transforming Sales to Align with Social Buyers and Close
More Deals

Can sales be social? Sure, but not just by using social media with
yesterday's sales tactics. Learn new social sales models to increase
sales performance with social buyers.

, Smart Selling

Creating a New Social Sales Model

Umberto Milletti, InsideView

Customer 2.0: Finding New Buyers in the Era of Social Media

, Social Media Academy

Pioneers Using Social Selling Techniques

Session 5: May 27, 8-9 a.m. PDT
— Sponsored by Jive

Best Practices to Create a High-Performance Organization
with Employee Collaboration

Join this session to explore new tools and strategies for using social
media with your employees. Learn how internal collaboration can
dramatically improves overall business performance.

, Chess Media Group

Integrated Approach to Tools, Culture and Adoption

Nathan Rawlins, Jive

How Employee Communities Increase Collaboration And Productivity

Adrienne Corn, VENTUS

Maximizing Social Media Use in Human Resources

Session 6: May 27, 10-11 a.m. PDT
— Sponsored by Genesys

Transforming Customer Service/Support to Profit from the
Wisdom of Crowds

Social support communities can help you engage with customers to solve
problems and co-create solutions. Put your customers to work to help
each other, while improving your bottom line.

John Moore, Swimfish

Engaging Customers with Support Communities

Eric Tamblyn, Genesys

Transforming Tribal Communities and Knowledge into Customer

Bob Thompson, CustomerThink

Getting the ROI from "CrowdService"

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I especially enjoyed Mark Parker’s Smart Selling. Great points for social media and the web 2.0 lead generation arena.

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