Buy and sell social media fans with FanAuction

I’m proud to report that Ant’s Eye View has launched a new product that we’re really excited about: FanAuction™ (

Simply put, FanAuction™ solves two of the biggest problems in social media today:

  1. How to quickly acquire new fans to prove social media ROI
  2. Eliminating ongoing spend to support fan activity you no longer need

Here’s the official description:

Put simply, FanAuction™ is the ultimate destination for buying and selling social media fans and followers.

Building a word of mouth network of fans, evangelists and advocates takes time. For some brands, it may take years of dedicated, resource-intensive work. But not anymore. With Ant’s Eye View’s FanAuction™, the system to help you Get Fans Now™, you won’t have to invest any more time or money to create relationships with customers!

After hearing from our clients, industry colleagues, and famous circuit speakers about the needs of big businesses within social media, we had to put the work in on this project. And as projects go, this one took more manhours than we ever imagined possible. But it’s ready, we’re unveiling it today, and we’re excited to see how it fares in the marketplace. We how hard it is to generate and manage fan enthusiasm. FanAuction™ is a major push forward in eliminating that hard work.

If you have questions, head over to for more info.


Update: FanAuction was created for April Fools Day – 2011