Cisco’s Social Engagement Journey [VIDEO]

Guest post today from my colleague Todd Shimizu, cross-posted from the Ant’s Eye View blog.

We love to see brands get out there and talk about how they’re tackling the transformation to engaged enterprise.  Today, we’re thrilled to share this video, posted by Cisco, in which Jeanette Gibson, Sr. Director, Global Social and Digital Media, shares her vision based on Ant’s Eye View’s Social Engagement Journey.

Cisco has consistently used the Social Engagement Journey as a diagnostic tool for their social business progress.  In fact, some of that work has even been featured in this blog: The Cisco Social Media Listening Journey.  Their internal commitment to this framework has created a uniform, galvanizing taxonomy for talking about social business transformation within their team, with internal stakeholders, and as you see here, with the industry.

One of my favorite aspects of the video is how Jeanette and Cisco have changed the aperture of the Social Engagement Journey to the “Digital Journey.”  Cisco isn’t the first of our clients to make this adjustment and I don’t suspect they’ll be the last.  As a result of the change management introduced by social, we’ve seen many clients seeking to address systemic change in not only their digital practice – but also in their overall marketing operations.

Jeanette’s also done a great job of demonstrating how the journey can be more than just another framework.  By using practical examples (e.g. “metrics your CEO cares about”) coupled with the qualitative (e.g. “it all works seamlessly”), Jeanette’s told you what the Social Engagement Journey, or in this case the Digital Journey, should feel like – and that can be a powerful piece of narrative inside a brand.

For those headed to ad:tech San Francisco tomorrow, say hello to Jeanette as she and Julia Mee talk about “The New Marketing Mix: Integrating Digital into Traditional and Vice Versa.”  You can find all the details from Cisco here.

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  1. Hadn’t seen this before, and what an absolutely great example it is of a company transitioning culture and thinking to reap the rewards of being social and collaborative. Insightful, thanks for sharing!

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