The Social Engagement Journey event, April 23



Sean O’Driscoll, our fearless leader at Ant’s Eye View, is keynoting an event next Monday here in the Bay Area. Here’s the description:

“Becoming a fully engaged enterprise in today’s social world isn’t about creating a “social media strategy.” It is a journey defined by stages of operational maturity, milestones, and ultimately, a destination. The successful journey requires practitioner experience, pragmatism – and perseverance. But the payoff is immense. The fully engaged enterprise discovers on this journey that customers again trust them, recommend them, and equip them with new insights. Connected and impassioned employees in the fully engaged enterprise lead and foster the online conversation and attract the industry’s best talent. Companies willing to embark on this transformative journey can, and will, re-emerge as powerful connected brands.”

The event will be at EMC’s campus in Santa Clara. Hope to see you there! Details are here:


The Social Journey
2831 Mission College Blvd
Santa Clara, CA, 95051
April 23, 2012
5:30-8:00 PST