Corporate Blogging Roundtable

The folks from the German-American Business Association were kind enough to invite Mark Finnern (SAP), Jennifer McClure (Society for New Communications Research), Vassil Mladjov (Blogtronix), Mark Simmons (SixApart), Mario Sundar (LinkedIn) and myself to participate in a televised roundtable discussion entitled “Successful Corporate Blogging.”

Here’s the setup:

Blogs are
changing the way companies are listening and reaching out to their
customers. This televised panel of media experts is aimed to give
insight in how to use blogging as a successful marketing communications
strategy.  Sample discussion topics include: What are the elements of
a successful blog? How can legal pitfalls be avoided? How can ROI be
measured? How can we confront our fear of blogging? What will the
future of blogging look like?”

The panel was followed by a Q&A

Here’s a link to the video.

Bonus factoid: What I learned…it’s a bit disconcerting when a person whom you don’t know hands you a lavalier mic and calmly instructs you to partially disrobe (in front of a roomful of people) in order to run the microphone cord up the inside of your shirt so it doesn’t show up on camera.

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