The Social Media Maturity Model – One Perspective

The folks over at DestinationCRM asked for some initial thoughts on the Social Media Maturity Model.  First, definitely check out Josh Weinberger’s post from June 1 to get the lay of the land. It’s a good guide to the graphic and to the experiment they're conducting.

Next, kudos to Lisa Boccadutre on fitting a whole raft of
information into a very small space. The information density on this
piece is astounding, in that in two pages there are points about time
frames of market uptake of social media, capability changes over a
five-year horizon, strategic evolution, treatment of customers and
evolving social capabilities.

I do have one primary concern: This graphic seems to imply that the
customer will still be on the outside looking in, even five years from
now. Not sure I entirely agree with that.

My key question: What does this look like if the customer moves to
the center of the picture, instead of merely being a target of an
organization’s actions?

So, here we go…

Link to video:

2 Replies to “The Social Media Maturity Model – One Perspective”

  1. Chris I agree with your central point, customer centric is the purest platform to build on. Maybe the graphic is trying to say five years ago CRM wasn’t really customer centric, because the customer was on the outside.

    Maybe today CRM has moved beyond the old model and the customer has moved closer to the center of the box outlined in the words in read. I also wonder when will the corporate world come out of the box and allow the customer access to the company data and information of the company?

    I remember reading in Groundswell (Chapter 7 – Case Studies) about the LEGO Group who had really taken a step in that direction with their Lego Ambassadors program. This peer to peer program created conversations that ultimately lead to product development. GO Lego!

    Thanks again for your review. Keep the conversation going!

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