Calling All Customers

Reposting a bit from Doc Searls about the upcoming VRM working in Boston.  Hope to see folks there!  -cfc

VRM East Coast Workshop 2009 is coming up soon — on 12-13 October, at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, MA. It’s hosted by the Berkman Center and ProjectVRM at the Center.

As with earlier VRM workshops, it’s a free unconference, organized on the open space model.
Participants choose the topics, move those topics forward in open
discussion, and share progress with the whole group at the end of each

You can get a sense of the energy in a VRM gathering from photo galleries here, here, here, here and here.

Sign up for the workshop here.

For those of you not familiar with VRM, the letters stand for Vendor
Relationship Management, and it’s about the tools that developers and
friends are creating to provide individuals with tools of independence
form organizations that wish to control them — and better means for
engaging with those organizations. In other words, it’s about blowing
up silos and walled gardens, and creating a better system: one in which
individuals are the collection centers for their own data, and the ones
controlling what gets done with that data.

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  1. Interesting Headline “Calling All Customers” – I use to say “We are all customers of somebody else. So that call is for everybody – right?

    It may help people overcome the misconception “My customers are not in social media”. Correct – they only read blogs, have a presence in LinkedIn, Facebook, some tweet, some comment on others, some have their photos and videos up in Youtube or other sites, some actually do social bookmarks and the whole nine yard – butt they are not in social media. Interesting – isn’t it.

    I’m not in social media – just see me here instead 🙂

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