Humana Pedometer Game

Very cool. Humana Healthcare’s Innovation group wears pedometers, and the number of walking steps they take each day translate into which fish is “higher” in the tank.

This really hits a perfect storm of coolness. It’s connecting game-like activity to both a business AND a health goal. There’s a social aspect in that everyone can see everyone else’s fish (score), and a “friendly” bit of competition to increase their fitness. I love it. Here’s a view of the actual plasma screen.

Humana Pedometer Fishtank Game

Greg’s full presentation from #ims09 is at – check it out.

6 Replies to “Humana Pedometer Game”

  1. So…how many people are forcing their staff to have meetings whilst walking around so they can up their stats? Or, better yet, strapping their pedometers to underlings when they’re stuck in meetings so the underlings can walk for them? Oh the opportunities for abuse are plenty, that would be hilarious.

    But to be serious, very cool idea, going to share it.

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