Today: Network Age Briefing with Laura Fitton and Tantek Çelik

As part of the ongoing Supernova-sponsored Network Age Briefing series, really looking forward to chatting with Laura and Tantek today. The details:

When: Thursday, Oct 8, 3pm EDT / Noon PDT

Web and chat:

Call-in Number: (347) 945-6578

We are moving from a web of pages and sites to a rich and continuous stream of interactions.  Historically, we often thought of the web using a metaphor of “real estate,” with accompanying lexicon of “sites” and “locations.”  However, as the Network Age has evolved, we now are beginning to realize that the web has duality, and also has characteristics of a real-time flow as well.

Pistachio-100x100 On October 8, please join us at 3pm EDT / Noon PDT for a Network Age Briefing with Laura Fitton. Laura “@Pistachio” Fitton is leading the charge of sussing out intelligent and productive business uses of emergent technologies like Twitter, where she is read by thousands of community members. The first to publish a white paper on “Enterprise Microsharing” (popularly called “Internal Twitter”), she also writes for and runs the TouchBase blog and is an early beta tester of Seesmic and Qik. She re-launched Pistachio Consulting in September 2008 to connect businesses to new ideas and innovations using all the tools of microsharing. Laura graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University’s College Scholar program.

3343025569_baf4874921_m-100x100Dedicated to advancing open standards and simpler data formats for the Web, Tantek Çelik co-founded both GMPG and the growing open standards community after many years of experience contributing to, writing, and editing specifications at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Previously Tantek was a veteran representative to the W3C for Microsoft, where he also helped lead the development of the award-winning Internet Explorer 5 for Macintosh, the first web browser to bring widespread standards compliant HTML4 + CSS1 + PNG1 support to millions of users.Tantek has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science from Stanford University, as well as a strong background in human interface and user-centered design from his many years at Apple Computer. He shares his thoughts on and his Twitter: