Metrics and Stats: iOS vs. Android (May 2010)

The really interesting bit was Slide 12 (although the page number says “11”).  Check out the rate of change and the narrowing of the gap between iOS and Android over the last year.  If you look back to 2009, iOS had a commanding lead.  Now, iOS has flattened, then declined, and Android keeps marching up-and-to-the-right.  Something to watch.

AdMob Mobile Metrics – May 2010 – Highlights

2 Replies to “Metrics and Stats: iOS vs. Android (May 2010)”

  1. Good to see some healthy market competition, I imagine we will see a rise coming from windows coming up fairly soon too. Hopefully it will spur all the companies on to make some impressive advances.

  2. Like CRM Consultant, I’m also interested in seeing the market impact from the new Windows mobile refresh. As someone with experience in this industry, I know first hand mobile manufacturers plan their marketing campaigns around the notion that whatever Microsoft launches will not be very good.

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